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Peter Evans / Echo Credits - Where healthy actions are rewarded within a sustainable process.

Peter Evans / Echo Credits provides: Sustainable, Physical Activity Transaction, (PAT), data management and consultancy services:

Whereby a Physical Activity Transaction (PAT), business process is defined as: Where an individual does some form of physical activity and thus gains points, or a code for these physical activity actions, thus in turn, an individual can then exchange / transact these points / codes for some form of reward within a business context. (And in the case of the business Echo Credits, the rewards for individuals, are to be % discounts, upon environmental / sustainable goods and services within specific businesses).

Consequently in detail, Echo Credits - Health Rewards is about endeavouring to meet our everyday unsustainable, behaviour processes, by initiating a business process that will enhance both sustainability and good environmental practices within an individual and a community.

ABN - 90607434835


  • Hi All ..New News - July -2014

    4 July at 14:22 from atlas

    HI All Sorry that Echo Credits is moving so slowly forward in its direction of being of benefit for the Echo Credits business and for ...

  • HI - June - 2014

    18 June at 11:33 from atlas

    Hi All: Once again sorry about the delay in progressing forward with echo Credits own pedometer app process. However over the next 4 ...

  • HI All ...New - may -2014

    6 May at 15:05 from atlas

    HI All: Sorry about not communicating over the last month. As of at present and until mid-June 2014  I am doing a course and ...

  • Bonus $5.00 Gift Card reward to Echo Credits participants:

    24 March at 18:08 from atlas

    Bonus $5.00 Gift Card reward to Echo Credits participants: A  BONUS  $5.00 Oxfam  (Fair trade) gift card / ...

  • HI All - new

    24 February at 15:25 from atlas

    Hi All Sorry about the slow start up and development processes of Echo Credits thus far, unfortunately certain processes have taken ...


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