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  • HI All - August 2022 - news / info

    29 October at 16:08 from atlas

    HI All

    Sorry Echo Credits has not progress as quickly as you and I would have liked over the past  5 years, this is due to time and financial constants on my part…sorry. I are in the process of organizing a crowd funding process, and other things, to get echo credits moving more. (Investors are welcome, to invest  in this business).

    Also in in regards to the FREE - PAT processes, of participants who are using the just start walking pedometer application, it is recommended that  you  to stop using the JSW pedometer application and rather use the FREE - STEP UP Pedometer application, (web link below), as this is more accurate and is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

    Also if you wish to covert your steps to klms / miles ...This is a good link to use.

    Once again thank you all for your support and encouragement of Echo Credits, thus far, I am also optimistic and keen  about Echo Credits success, in the near future. I are persiting .......

    Yours Sincerely….. Peter Evans   


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