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  • Hi All: some news in regards to the present coronavirus 19 pandemic

    27 March at 13:26 from atlas

    Here is a link below, from  a 27/03/2020 Guardian newspaper article:   

    In which the UN environmental chief, suggests that the present coronavirus 19 pandemic, in our world now, has much to do with environmental factors, its well worth a read. Below: Is a link to the article. While in the downloads page of this website, is a pdf of the below article.

    Also enclosed: Evidence of how human beings, have caused the COVID 19 virus: Dated 15/08/20.

    The above article, indicates that the COVID 19 virus, we experiencing the world at present, is due to the fact, that we human beings are changing, specific landscape ecosystems. Because of our addiction, to excessive land clearing / deforestation processes and because we are engaging in - manmade / anthropocentric climate change processes. Consequentially, this is causing certain animals, such as bats, rodents and songbirds, etc, to incubate the COVID 19 virus, within their own bodies. As they endeavor to adapt / survive, to a / their new manmade / anthropocentric changed, ecosystem / climate change process. As a result, if a human being comes into contact, with any of these above incubated / infected, COVID 19 virus animals, they in turn, can become infected, with the COVID 19 virus (Le Page, 2020, p.21).

    Le Page, M, 2020, "Humans Help Disease - Carrying Animals to Thrive,"p.21, New Scientist Magazine, Vol - 247, N - 3295, 15 August - 2020, pp. 1-59, New Scientist Ltd pub, London, England.


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